Solstice Arena Hack for iOS – Solstice Arena Cheats Free Gems and Valor

Solstice Arena Hack Description:

Maybe on of the biggest game genres nowadays with huge player base and competitive scene is the MOBA genre. This trend started back in 2003 with a Warcraft 3 mode since then it started growing in popularity and it still is today. This market is kind of tough to get into because of all the established titles available. Zynga is probably the first game company that took on the challenge to create such a game for the mobile platforms and their endeavours will pay off because theur latest creation called Solstice Arena is a huge hit among the moba fans. Their game is a little different from the standard moba game, the map is different and the game sessions are very short, no longer then 15 minutes per match. This different aproach fits the game very well it being designed for the mobile platforms. Solstice Arena is very fun and very addictind and the best part is that its completely free to play, everyone who wants to get in the genre can download it on their iOS devices and start experiencing what makes these kinds of games so amazing.

AS said the game is completely free to play for everyone all over the world but Zynga has to monetize it somehow so their work has to be repaid. The way they do this is by selling game resources in the appstore (gems and valor). People don’t have to pay a single dime to enjoy the game because the resources can be earned by playing the game too, not in large amounts but they help. Also no real money can buy real power in game because its hard to make people play a moba game if power can be bought with real money. So the resources can purchase visual upgrades for heroes and other visual customization features, unlock all heroes from the start etc. All the heroes in the game can be unlock with valor but the visual stuff can only be purchased with real gems which can cost lots of money. So players for the who care very much about visual they can use certain Solstice Arena Cheats to get extra gems and valor in game so they don’t have to spend the large amounts the appstore can charge for a somewhat small amount of gems. But the game is very new and such tools are hard to find so with the Solstice Arena Hack presented here that search is over.You can join the tthousands of players which downloaded this Solstice Arena cheat tool and enjoy unlimited amounts of gems and valor so that they can unlock all the heroes for play and have all the cool visual stuff to brag to friends or other players in the game.

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