Bloons TD Battles Hack – Bloons TD Battles Cheats Free Medallions and Energy Potions

Bloons TD Battles Hack Description:

If you haven’t tried a tower defense game until now, you missing out on lots of fun. And you would like to try one there is no doubt that one of the best games to begin is the new creation from Ninja Kiwi called Bloons TD Battles. The creators of Bloons TD 5 brings the from this well known franchise to the next level. Now players can test their skills against other players online. And all of this for free.

But even if its free it has alot of content and depth that can satisfy even the most picky players. Everyone can download it on their iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod and start enjoying this epic tower defense game. Players can battle each other in 10 custom track and using 19 unique monkey towers each with 8 different upgrades. So players rarely get bord of such a game, no two matches between players are alike. Everyone can have lots of fun times in this game with friends or with people from around the world. There is only one bad side of the game that can get in a players way from having a blast with Bloons TD Battles. And this bad side is the app store. Ninja Kiwi made some in game features available for purchase with real money from the app store. The things that can be bought are meddalions and energy potions. Energy potions maybe the most annoying thing if a player wants to play more and have more fun with the game. Before each battle players have to have 5 energy to start and one energy is regenerated every 12 minutes, so you can do the math how much a player has to wait before they can actauly start a battle. And meddalions are use to buy towers and bloon decals. Players can do without purchasing any meddalions but without energy the game can get on your nerves.

So the only viable alternative that doesn’t involve spending real money for some extra energy or medallions are Bloons TD Battles Cheats. But such tools are hard to find mainly because the game was recently released. But with this Bloons TD Battles Cheat you can consider that search over. Thousands of players worldwide are enjoying the game and “playing” it whenever they want without any waiting times and with some extra advantages with this Bloons TD Battles Hack. You can now also get all the energy potions you will ever need to enjoy the game completely free. Why spend even hundreds of dollars on a few energy potions or on a handfull of meddalions when you can get unlimited amounts for free.

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