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Running with Friends HackTool Description:

Want a running race game for the mobile platforms, in which you can have fun with your friends. Zynga has done it again and came with an answer to your search. One of their most enjoyed game on the iPhone, iPad, iPod is called simply Running with Friends. It is a very fun game and addicting that already has many good reviews from well known game critics, some of them calling it the most addicting phone game ever made. As we are used to by Zynga the game is free to play for everyone but this doesn’t mean that the quality of the game isn’t at the highest standards. The game has tremendous value, the polish and gameplay are like no others thats why it can become so addicting for everyone who play it, from hardcore to casual gamers. Although its free to play Zynga has to make some profits in some ways from theur creations. They manage to this by intoducing gems, the games currency, in the app store to be purchased with real money. Most of the times this isn’t a problem for everyone who want to have some laughs in the game and enjoy a few casual races. But if a player wants to really be someone in the game and enjoy the all the perks the game has to offer they have to dig deep in their pockets. The game rewards gems just by playing it but in very small amounts for the time invested and insuficient to satisfy even the smallest needs.

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